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Female Proviron Drug Classification:

Protein binding: 98% (40% to Albumin, 58% to SHBG)
Other namesNSC-75054; SH-60723; SH-723; 1α-Methyl-4,5α-dihydrotestosterone; 1α-Methyl-DHT; 1α-Methyl-5α-androstan-17β-ol-3-one
AHFS/Drugs.comInternational Drug Names
Elimination half-life: 12-13 hours

What is Female Proviron?

Female Proviron is a specialised formulation of the androgenic steroid, Proviron, tailored to suit the physiological needs of women.

Recommended Dosage for Female Proviron:

The recommended dosage varies depending on individual health conditions and objectives. It is crucial to consult a healthcare professional before starting.

How Does Female Proviron Work?

Female Proviron works by augmenting the androgen levels in the body, which can have various physiological effects beneficial for certain medical conditions or athletic goals.

Benefits of Taking Female Proviron:

  1. Potential improvement in muscle tone and physical strength.
  2. Enhancement of overall well-being in cases of androgen deficiency.
  3. Possible positive impact on mood and energy levels.

When Should You Take Female Proviron?

Female Proviron should be taken as per medical advice, often in scenarios where there is a need to supplement androgen levels.

When Should You Not Take Female Proviron?

Avoid Female Proviron in cases of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or certain health conditions like liver disease. Consult your doctor for a complete list of contraindications.

What is the Mechanism of Female Proviron:

It works by mimicking the action of male hormones (androgens) in the body, but with modifications to suit female physiology.

Uses of Female Proviron 5mg:

  1. Management of androgen deficiency in women.
  2. As part of a broader treatment plan for certain medical conditions as advised by healthcare professionals.

Warnings and Precautions for Female Proviron 5mg:

  1. Regular monitoring of hormone levels.
  2. Awareness of the impact on pre-existing health conditions.
  3. Caution in individuals with a history of liver conditions.

Side Effects of Female Proviron 5mg:

Possible side effects include, but are not limited to, changes in libido, hair loss, acne, and mood alterations.

Drug Interactions of Female Proviron:

It may interact with other medications, especially other hormones and liver-impacting drugs. Always disclose your full medication list to your healthcare provider.

Storage for Female Proviron 5mg:

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.

Where to Buy Female Proviron 5mg?

Available at licensed pharmacies and through specific online platforms buying steroids online UK that comply with pharmaceutical regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can Female Proviron be used for weight loss?
    A: This is not a primary use; consult a healthcare provider for weight loss management.
  • Q: Is a prescription required?
    A: Yes, due to its nature and potential side effects, a prescription is mandatory.
  • Q: Can men use Female Proviron?
    A: This formulation is specifically for female use; men should use the appropriate version.

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