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Anavar (Oxandrolone) 50mg x 60 tablets

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Anavar 50mg

It is the most powerful and popular steroid to be used in the cutting cycle by men or bodybuilders. It is well tolerated and very effective with no bloating side effects. It can lead to 85% of muscle gains which is huge.

It has a half life of 8-12 hours.

It will take approximately 3 weeks for anavar to flush out from your urine or blood completely.

Recommended dosage:-

It is advised to take 20-150mg/day.

How to take it:-

Food doesn’t cause hindrance in its action or absorption thus it can be taken along with food or without food also.

Swallow the tablet whole. Do not chop, cleave, cut, or squash it.

Muscle gain by anavar 50:

After taking anavar for at least 12 weeks you might experience gain in weight.

You might experience a gain of 5-7 kgs.

It possess good fat burning properties along with solid and lean gain of muscle mass?

Drug Interactions:


Oxandrolone increases the? susceptibility or responsiveness of oral anticoagulants. Thus the dosage of anticoagulants must be decreased.


It is an anticoagulant whose susceptibility is increased by oxandrolone thus prothrombin time (PT) should be monitored closely.

Oral Hypoglycemic Agents

This medicine does allow oral hypoglycemic drugs or agents to get metabolized which increases their plasma concentration thus it’s dose has to be monitored when both are concomitantly administered.

Adrenal Steroids or ACTH

Oxandrolone along with ACTH increases edema in edema prone patients.

Positive drug interaction it might show with?

Proviron and anavar act synergistically.

Proviron is well known for its capability of hardening of muscles along with mood upliftment which when administered Along with anavar increases its efficiency and effectiveness.


They are used as accessory therapy which may help in weight gain after severe loss of weight due to ample surgeries, chronic infections, or accidents,trauma,etc..

Relief of ostealgia caused by osteoporosis.

Adverse effects: Anavar 50mg (Oxandrolone)

  • Changes in blood lipid tests

Oxandrolone fluctuates? levels of lipid and increases heart related problems.

  • Fluid retention
  • Stunted growth in children:- This is because of faster maturation of bones.
  • Prostate problems
  • Continual or resolute penile erections in male. Testicles may shrink in size, absence of testicular functions, testicular atrophy and decreased sperm count.
  • Clitoral enlargement, oligomenorrhea in females.
  • Heart stroke, liver disease, mental problems, mood swings, unusual drug-seeking behavior, or improper bone growth (especially in adolescents). Do not use this drug longer than prescribed. Also if anadrol is misused, you may have withdrawal symptoms (such as despair, ill-temper, exhaustion) when you abruptly stop using the drug. These symptoms may last from weeks to months.


  • Cancer of? prostate or of male breast.
  • Adenocarcinoma in females.
  • Pregnancy, because of possible development of male characters in female.Oxandrolone also shows teratogenic effects.
  • Nephrotic or nephritic syndromes.
  • Hypercalcemia.

Storage: Anavar 50mg(Oxandrolone)

Store below 30?c?

Protect from light

Do not refrigerate

Keep out of reach of children.

Where to buy Anavar 50mg?

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